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More Serious Stuff




       My life has been peppered with anxiety and depression since I was 10. Did I say "peppered"? I mean completely and thoroughly immersed in the stuff. It controlled me, limited so much of my world, and ultimately left me feeling crushed and worthless.

       After many years of therapy and medication, I did regain control of my life but the war was a hard one, and I still feel its scars every day. But it gave me the impetus to continue something I began doing as a wee lad, and that is helping people. I could feel others going through Hell and I couldn't let them go it alone.

       Among my many speaking opportunities and helping folks online, I have been blessed to have some works published on this topic from such prestigious places as the Philadelphia Inquirer. Below are links to a few articles. I hope you like them.


Learning to Roll with the Changes Life Presents


Commentary: When Feeling Overwhelmed, Seek out the Hope


Commentary: Why Should We Care About Each Other? 

A Public Official Is Public with Depression, Anxiety


       In the end, if you remember nothing else about me, I hope you'll know that I care about what you're going through and I understand how very hard life can be. You are never ever truly alone. Oh, and you definitely can get your life back again. Truly, you really can. I'm living proof. 

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