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Never Take a Hermit Crab For Granted


       "Never Take a Hermit Crab for Granted" is the shockingly wonderful follow-up to a similarly named though thoroughly different book that sold really well and made people deliriously happy. This book probably won't do that but I'm always up for a challenge. Book Two (as I often call it late at night) tells the tale of a little crab who is not paid enough attention to...until he "goes over the wall." Excitement ensues! Also ALL the money received from this great work of literature goes to the Abington Police Athletic League and Citizens and Police Together, helping to build communities. Do the right thing, buy 500 copies of this book!


       Daniel Sean Kaye was raised from birth by a colony of hermit crabs. Strangely enough, this has nothing to do with the books. Begun as a comic strip, "MILO K., hermit crab," which ran for 10 years in a series of weekly newspapers in Montgomery County, PA, the entire concept was exhausted by year two. Many moons later, under a legal agreement with the state of Maine, Kaye was forced to write and illustrate these books.


       Among other things, Kaye is the former editor of House & Home magazine, Parents Express magazine and The Art of Living Well magazine. He wrote the "Dadography" parenting column, is still a staff writer for a bunch of other places, and is Director of Life Enrichment at Rydal Park Continuing Care Retirement Community. He is on the Abington School Board, Abington Community Taskforce, Citizens and Police Together, and the Montgomery County Taskforce for Suicide Prevention.


        He lives with his patient wife, Wendy, his odd son, Aidan, two cats, a one-eyed dog, two frogs, and two snails.

© 2019 by DANIEL SEAN KAYE. Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab and Never Take a Hermit Crab for Granted