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Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab


         In a world where life is as valuable as those little tabs on the top of soda cans, comes a book that has pages and words and stuff in it. This book? Never Underestimate a Plumber. No wait, that's not it. Never Underestimate a Kid Who Can Do 'The Worm'. No... darn it. It's on the tip of my tongue... OH YEAH, I REMEMBER! It's...

Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab!

        This book is probably the most important book about never underestimating hermit crabs you will ever read. Chock full of ridiculousness and outrageously illogical hermit crab flights of fancy, you can be sure of one thing once you read this book -- you've read the book.


       Allow this book to transform you in a positive, joyful, and yummy way. Let it make your child's library thick with hermit crabbiness. And more than anything else, buy this book because a fella needs to eat! 




       Daniel Sean Kaye was raised from birth by a colony of hermit crabs. Strangely enough, this has nothing to do with the books. Begun as a comic strip, "MILO K., hermit crab," which ran for 10 years in a series of weekly newspapers in Montgomery County, PA, the entire concept was exhausted by year two. Many moons later, under a legal agreement with the state of Maine, Kaye was forced to write and illustrate these books.


       Among other things, Kaye is the former editor of House & Home magazine, Parents Express magazine and The Art of Living Well magazine. He wrote the "Dadography" parenting column, is still a staff writer for a bunch of other places, and is Director of Life Enrichment at Rydal Park Continuing Care Retirement Community. He is on the Abington School Board, Abington Community Taskforce, Citizens and Police Together, and the Montgomery County Taskforce for Suicide Prevention.


        He lives with his patient wife, Wendy, his odd son, Aidan, two cats, a one-eyed dog, two frogs, and two snails.

© 2019 by DANIEL SEAN KAYE. Never Underestimate a Hermit Crab and Never Take a Hermit Crab for Granted