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-Winner Of No Awards-

         In a world where life is as valuable as those little tabs on the top of soda cans, comes a book that has pages and words and stuff in it. This book? Never Underestimate a Plumber. No wait, that's not it. Never Underestimate a Kid Who Can Do 'The Worm'. No... darn it. It's on the tip of my tongue... OH YEAH, I REMEMBER! It's...

        This book is probably the most important book about never underestimating hermit crabs you will ever read. Chock full of ridiculousness and outrageously illogical hermit crab flights of fancy, you can be sure of one thing once you read this book -- you've read the book. Allow this book to transform you in a positive, joyful, and yummy way. Let it make your child's library thick with hermit crabbiness. And more than anything else, buy this book because a fella needs to eat! 



Never Underestimate A Hermit Crab

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