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Meet Daniel

Our world is a weird and challenging place, full of dragons to slay and politicians to hide from. Any given day, we are beset by difficulties and oppression, despair and dark warnings. In short, it's a fun planet we got.


There are many ways to approach things. There is humor. There is therapy. There is "the extended vacation." And my favorite, the incomprehensible rant. My suggestion is you try all four...often...with abandon...and maybe some chocolate.


As a decades-long survivor of anxiety and depression, I have learned many things. Chief among them is one basic idea: We are all in this together. We need each other. We grow by knowing one another. We survive by leaning on those in our orbit.


This site includes an overview of all that. It includes parts of my "MILO K., hermit crab" comic strip and books, and it offers links to a few of my articles about depression and anxiety. This is just a sampling, a taste, a smattering of what I do and have done. There is much more on its way. (Check out my Twitter and Facebook accounts if you don't believe me.)

If nothing else, I hope it brings you a site to visit.

Bless you!

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